First Apartment Room Decor

I love interior designing and room decor so getting my first apartment was a pretty big deal! I was super excited to decorate to my heart’s content. Because I would be staying in the same place for two years, I could settle down and put a lot of effort in my bedroom. I wanted to create a comfortable and stylish space where I could come back to after a long day of class and just relax. I wanted to stray away from being too themed like my previous rooms (although I still loved those, I wanted it to be more sophisticated).


This time around, I bought my tapestry first and tried to find bedding and pieces to work around it. I went on as usual and browsed through thousands of tapestry until I found one that caught my attention. I narrowed it down to a palm tree + geometric tapestry. It was fashion-forward and very trendy- with tropical vibes + geometric shapes to tie it together. The hardest part was trying to find a comforter to go with the tapestry but I found everything I needed after a trip to Burlington’s. I opted for a deep plum comforter and beige pillow + bed sheets. I also bought a few decorative pillows to top on my bed! I love throw pillows because they add accents and characters to any bed!

For my desk, I hung a board with photos of my summer Europe trip on clothespins! I also decorated it with a metal marquee N and mason jar shot glasses. I used little metal tins to hold my makeup! I also had tree trunk coasters to contribute to the rustic appeal! I even added an empty bottle of cold-brew coffee so hint at my love for coffee and to cater to the aesthetics. It’s all about accents and little details!!!


I loved how my room came together and it was decorated nicely without being too cliche!

How do you like to decorate your space? Show me in the comments below!


One thought on “First Apartment Room Decor

  1. Love what you did with your space! I also have my photos from Europe hanging in my room on clothing pins/string. I have noticed that I prefer my space to be minimal and clean but cozy at the same time.


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